Sponsors Dinner 2019

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Sponsor Dinner 2019

One Kind Act hosted the annual dinner for Sponsors at Chairman, Shamit Malhotra's home on 22 March 2019.  Over 50 guests enjoyed a drink's reception and a 3-course meal while mingling and chatting.  

Taz from The Real Junk Food Project, a cause supported by OKA spoke eloquently and movingly about the shocking waste of supermarkets on one hand and the hunger of deprived families, children and the elderly on the other. With the help of OKA, TRJFP has saved 250 tonnes of food that would have been thrown away and instead employed chefs to cook warm nourishing meals for the poor.  

Ritu Soni, OKA Associate, gave a snapshot of where sponsors' money had been used to immeasurably improve and save lives. 

Ajay Khindria, OKA Trustee, spoke about exactly how much money had been raised, given away and the transparency and due diligence employed by OKA to ensure the most effective use of money.  

The speeches were deeply appreciated by all present who undertook to continue supporting the noble work done.


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