Leaving a Legacy

Passion For Change

The 2020 pandemic has forced many people into thinking about inequalities in life chances, managing wealth when your health fails suddenly and how they would like to be remembered once they are gone.

These questions have always been there but have become more important as large numbers of people have sadly died or suffer from long-term the effects of the pandemic and have their families and loved ones facing uncertain futures.

As a charity devoted to making a difference in the lives of those on the unfortunate side of life, it feels uncomfortable and inappropriate to be prompting the readers into thinking of legacy giving.

However, it is fair to say that many people will have considered their own mortality and the importance of ensuring their family and financial affairs are in order. Evidence has shown that recently people have felt it necessary to consider writing a Will as they did not have one, or they delayed facing up to the fact that they need to act sooner rather than later or maybe that as circumstances had changed, they should review an existing Will in place.

Old Couple

Many people have been driven by the need to ensure that their loved ones are taken care of without leaving them with uncertain financial futures and by the increased awareness that charitable Will making is a sustainable way by which you can make a mark (big or small) in helping others improve their life chances. Despite the pandemic difficulties, people still have the passion and desire to change for better the community and society they live in.

Whilst vaccine programmes across the world has given better outcomes for millions, Will and Legacy Giving can also be a powerful financial booster for better outcomes in health and education for those who are in need of sustainable improvement in their life chances.

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