Alisha Malhotra

Young and inspiring, purposeful yet patient, with a wide infectious smile


Amar Prashar

Wise, passionate entrepreneur with a wry, observant sense of humour


Chitra Prashar

Keen golfer and cooking aficionado with a gracious heart and the warmest hospitality


Kurran Malhotra

Straight talking, charming, passionate, funny young man crazy about football


Meena Dhawan

Queen's award winning charity fundraiser and mentor extraordinaire with a big heart


Naina Chohdha

Creative, artistic, elegant and graceful who enjoys long country walks


Neena Koshal

Supportive and caring with an innate sense of fun and energy to match


Richa Varma

Serene, eloquent and philosophical with an impish sense of humour


Rita Soni

Wise, evolved and compassionate soul with a compelling air of mystique


Rupa Samani

Charming, positive, living life to the fullest with a sense of mischief, fun and kindness