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Dear Supporter,

2019 was a busy, productive and fulfilling year for One Kind Act.  We welcomed Sarah, Duchess of York as a new patron, hosted several fundraising events and undertook to support more worthy, noble causes around the world.  In keeping with our ethos, costs were negligible and almost 100% of money donated reached the needy.  Several new sponsors joined us, recognising the benefits of enhanced corporate social responsibility and the marketing they receive through our social media channels and mentions at big events.





Our events are characterised by their fun, pleasure and joie de vivre, in keeping with our ethos of living your best life while giving to life.

in December was the largest, glitziest, fun-filled event marking a wonderful end to the year while raising much needed funds for children around the world suffering through poverty of health, nutrition or education.  Powerful speeches from Sarah, Duchess of York, Mark Ramprakash, Shamit Malhotra and Tyler, a young boy being lifted out of hunger who had the audience mesmerised. Live singing from acclaimed Navin Kundra had the dance floor filled until the early hours.  Feedback from guests was touching. There was deep appreciation for the sincerity and integrity of One Kind Act. To quote an example "we have been to dozens of charity events, the difference with you is it all comes straight from the heart".

Over £130,000 was raised. Around 50% of the monies raised at the Ball will be granted to the three Causes present on the night, The Real Junk Food Project, Home Leone and World Child Cancer. The former two are projects One Kind Act have supported since inception and we take great joy to see them grow. In the long-term, thousands of children in UK and around the world will be given health, hope and opportunity where there is none.



The ever popular One Kind Act GARDEN PARTY in August was another sold-out affair. Held in the grounds of Raj and Mona Bhogal's country mansion, guests sipped cocktails, feasted on a banquet and danced to live music on a pleasantly warm summer’s day.  Over £20.000 was raised towards supporting disabled children in Kenya and providing water to poverty struck schools in Tanzania.

The successful PRIDEVIEW CRICKET CUP brings out ever increasing crowds each year to enjoy the competitive cricket tournament, fun, games and stalls for all the family with an open bar and lots of food all day.  Over £30,000 was raised which went towards feeding the poor in UK, providing opportunity through sport to the underprivileged in India and to new school classrooms for the poor in Tanzania.

Apart from the One Kind Act hosted events, there were several hosted by individuals who care about making the world a better place.  A Latino party, an afternoon of insights into the Kamasutra, half marathon, spinning class, art exhibition and ethical catering evening are just some examples of the diverse way individuals had fun while raising money to feed, educate and help the poor around the world.




We are delighted to announce that in the 5-year life of One Kind Act, we have raised £850,000 to date, signifying our success year-upon-year in helping the needy.

Our ethos to maintain minimum costs continues. We are so proud of almost 100% of money raised reaching the most needy with no unnecessary costs. We conduct thorough due diligence on the Causes to ensure they are with integrity, transparent and effective in bringing real improvement to lives.

In 2019 we granted around £230,000 to some very noble Causes:

SWAT, feeding and winter packs for London's homeless, building a food storage centre £12,510
Whisper, medication to treat Uganda's poorest children £1000
TRJFP, kitchen equipment, storage space, Christmas gifts for the poor £14,000
Home Leone, building proper new homes and businesses for slum dwellers £112,500
IHIF, a brand new rehabilitation centre in Patna with equipment for head injury patients £24,620
Made with Hope, foundations for 3 classrooms and 20 water harvesting tanks in Tanzania £24,280
Punarnava, feeding 100 neglected elderly in South India daily, £14,320
Via Ninos, supporting a social worker for street children in Ecuador £1,240
Compassionate Hands, construction of a dormitory for disabled children in Kenya, £12,500
OFFL, winter clothes and food for UK homeless £11,850
Mill End Community Centre, Christmas hampers for poor in NW London £500

We are always open to being introduced to new Causes that may be close to your own heart.  Please talk to us about doing a fundraiser together.  We have the experience and the enthusiasm!


Final Word


As you can see, we have brought real, effective improvements in some of the most deprived lives around the world. But we need your help to continue. Regular monthly donations, from as little as £5 per month (the price of a coffee or pint) are our life blood to facilitating our work.  Please consider setting one up. You can claim the tax back on your tax return too whilst we can use the gift aid to further aid the needy; so it’s a win-win situation. Or if you are running a business, become a Sponsor and enjoy exclusive invitations to our networking evenings and marketing on our social media channels and at large events. 
It is Valentine's Day soon, the perfect reason to spread a little love around the world.  Donate Here
Look out on our website for upcoming events.  2020 promises to be another fun filled, joy giving one.


The Trustees and committee of One Kind Act wish you and yours a happy, philanthropic and peaceful new year.



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