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Zane and Kyzen Hosein are delighted to announce 'From Us to You''


Hi, we are Zane and Kyzen,

Last year, we decided together with some friends, instead of spending money on giving each other Christmas presents, we decided to donate the money to the children and families who needed the help. 

This year we have decided between my brother and I, that we would like to extend this to other friends and family members. 

So instead of receiving a gift this Christmas we would like our friends and family to donate here and put a smile on someone else’s face who needs it more this year. 

Even if you don’t give us a Christmas present but want to donate, that would be amazing too!!!

Thank you from both of us.

About One Kind Act

One Kind Act Changes Communities and lives of others globally who suffer as a result of Poverty of Health, Nutrition and Education and may have Fallen Through The Net of the larger charities. Learn More here


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Recent Pledges

  • Zali Hosein
    23-Dec-2020 13:52

    " nana sooo proud of you both, amazing as usual lots of love "
  • Preema Verma
    23-Dec-2020 09:08

    " Well done to our thoughtful and caring boys.. proud of you both xxx "
  • Sunita Elliott
    22-Dec-2020 21:06

    " Well done both of you, very proud of your desire to help others have a wonderful Christmas. Lots of love, The Elliotts. "
  • Elliot Lyons
    22-Dec-2020 19:28

    " From all of our wonderful children - Olivia, Zane, Kyzen, Alex, Theo, Alex, Katerina and Andrea! Merry Xmas all! "
  • Sejal Aggarwal
    21-Dec-2020 19:41

    " Well done boys!!! I’m soooo proud of you "
  • Kajal Patel
    21-Dec-2020 11:09

    " Well done boys are so proud of you to do this and think of Making it special for somebody else.🥰 "
  • Jurgita J
    21-Dec-2020 09:26

    " Spread the love! You are amazing boys. Merry Christmas xxx "
  • Douria
    21-Dec-2020 08:19

    " I’m sO proud of you. Xxxx "
  • Reeta Hosein
    20-Dec-2020 19:49

    " When I asked my nephew what he would like for Christmas this year.. Zak replied “Thank you for asking. Could you please donate some money to One Kind Act for me this year?” "
  • Mia
    15-Dec-2020 10:36

    " Donation from Mia (5 Yrs old) from her pocket money. Merry Christmas everyone xx "
  • Chhandni Patel
    05-Dec-2020 13:52

    " So proud of you both "
  • Aleem Hosein
    05-Dec-2020 09:13

    " Incredibly proud of you both for giving up the chance of receiving gifts, and instead being so considerate towards others. For the benefit any readers, Reeta and I did not initiate the boys kind act. "